I’m Taking Off!

Hey everyone! I know I’ve been away for quite a while. In addition to having intense writers block, I have been spending a majority of my spare time working on my portfolio in preparation for my next co-op.  I am officially Ohio’d out, meaning next year I will be on the move!

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Getting my Entrepreneurship On

If you have me added on facebook, you might know that I have recently picked up a minor in entrepreneurship. Honestly, I cannot be more excited about it.  I’m not going to lie, I’m starting to feel kind of stuck in interior design.  I hate when aspects of my life feel predictable and fixated (backwards, right?) and entrepreneurship is just that path in the future that I cannot define. This excites me endlessly.

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Praying for Peace

This post is going to be somewhat long, only because it’s more personal to me. Much conflict has been going on within my family and I’ve somewhat become the centerpiece of it all. Whatever issues arise around me I try (to the best of my ability) to keep myself out of them and remain impartial; by doing this, I’ve essentially become the listening ear. It has its benefits and drawbacks. Positively, I get to hear each side of the story; however, hearing each side allows me to know how ridiculous this entire feud is.

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Trading Fear for Freedom

Hey everyone! Sorry for the short hiatus. Between having intense writer’s block and being very unmotivated due to personal reasons, I could not bring myself to write a quality blog post.  I wanted to dedicate this next post to a major change that I’ve made: taking out my weave for good this year and rocking my natural hair. 

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Oh Shoot! I’m Working at Chute!

I am so excited to finally be on co-op! I have been dreaming about this moment since my first day of freshman year. No classes, homework, all-nighters or break downs for the next four months! Yay! I’m doing my first co-op at Chute Gerdeman in Columbus and I honestly could not be happier with my placement.

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Eliminating Stagnancy

Happy New Year! I hope that your activities are going well, whether they include going out with friends or being cozy in bed with Netflix, a furry friend and your favorite snack.  While considering all of the goals that I have set forth for myself in the upcoming year, I decided to set aside time to reflect on exactly what I want to accomplish in 2017.

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Cheers to New Beginnings

Hello everyone! My name is Shannon but Shanna has been a nickname that I have come to love. I am a nineteen year old college sophomore studying interior design. I am an avid lover of the visual and performing arts and have recently become addicted to sushi and Panda Express.  Simplyshanna is a pre-fulfilled New Years Resolution and I am extremely excited to finally have a place in which I can express myself.

Throughout the year of 2016, I was in an internal battle that I was too busy to be aware of. This did not resonate within me until Christmas Eve where I laid awake in my bed until 4am picking apart every flaw I found within myself, and every event or occurrence I deemed a disappointment to myself and those around me. I realized that these emotions have always been prominent in my mind, but was only disregarded due to the strenuousness of my college courses. My Christmas gift to myself was realizing that I hated who I was and vowing to dedicate my efforts to bettering myself in the upcoming year.

Therefore, simplyshanna will be a blog of vulnerability. I want to use 2017 to understand exactly who I am, and make healthy/positive changes to the aspects of my being that I desire to improve.  I created this blog to not only document my growth, but to provide myself with an outlet in which I could be completely honest with my emotions; 2017 will be my year to eliminate internalization and practice constructive honesty.

Throughout this year, I will be blogging about my fitness/health journey, my college and working experiences, my life and helpful tips/tricks that I learn along the way.  I invite all of you to join me on my journey, as I am done attempting to walk through life alone.

What areas of your life do you seek to improve in this upcoming year? Feel free to leave comments below or connect with me through social media! ♡

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