Trading Fear for Freedom

Hey everyone! Sorry for the short hiatus. Between having intense writer’s block and being very unmotivated due to personal reasons, I could not bring myself to write a quality blog post.  I wanted to dedicate this next post to a major change that I’ve made: taking out my weave for good this year and rocking my natural hair. 

About a month ago, my friend and I were having a conversation regarding (natural) hair stigmas and struggles within society. Some of these topics ranged from discrimination against natural hair in the workplace to the complications that come with properly managing different textures of hair. Asking to see a picture of me without my weave, I had to scroll back to winter of 2015 in my phone in order to provide a picture. The photo I provided was a during a “transitioning period”, meaning that I was only wearing my natural hair for a couple of days before it got rebraided.

I was not only stunned, but saddened; yes, I was “protecting” my hair, but I was also indirectly hiding from myself.  I always felt less beautiful when I wore my natural hair. I want to love myself entirely; hiding under weaves and braids for the last few years has not allowed me to do that.

So far my natural hair journey has been going pretty well! I am #teamnoheat meaning that I do not flat iron my hair and I allow it to air dry. I have thoroughly enjoyed nursing my hair back to its original texture and gradually getting rid of my heat damage with trims and deep conditions.  My favorite hairstyles to do are my twist outs (pictured above) when I have time, and high poof buns when i’m in a rush for work. Once I learn how to french braid my own hair I will definitely be trying more styles!

What are some of your favorite go to hairstyles? 


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