I’m Taking Off!

Hey everyone! I know I’ve been away for quite a while. In addition to having intense writers block, I have been spending a majority of my spare time working on my portfolio in preparation for my next co-op.  I am officially Ohio’d out, meaning next year I will be on the move!

I would like to take a quick paragraph to recap the final months of my summer semester for those who do not have me added on facebook.  My 20th birthday was quite a hectic one: two final critiques. Future studio professors, fourth and fifth year interior design students, and even the Vice President of a local architecture firm were in awe of my work. This warmed my heart, considering that two years ago my first-year professor advised me to drop out of DAAP. I spent two more studio semesters defeated, lacking confidence and afraid. Taking 18 credit hours and picking up a minor, (with my entrepreneurship course requiring me to launch my own business), I ended the semester with a 3.95. I was also able to raise my cumulative GPA by an entire point.

The good news doesn’t end there either!  My project was selected to be featured in the company’s (the firm we based our project around) office .  My work was also featured in the DAAP Newsletter and on SAID’s Instagram page.  I’m also hoping that my GPA boost will also allow me to be a contender to travel to Australia next year to study abroad.

Currently, I am very disappointed in the way that my co-op is going.  This is no fault of the company itself, but just a result of bad timing.  I was supposed to be further integrated into their digital design department, however strenuous deadlines among various departments made this an inconvenience.  I’m actually shadowing their department fewer times this internship than I did when I interned there last semester.  Once again, this isn’t necessarily anyone’s “fault”, just a result of a hectic workload, but i’m still disappointed none the less.

With that being said, I am determined to use my next three co-ops to branch outside of Ohio.  That way, if I don’t enjoy the co-op, I can at least enjoy the city (No shade to Columbus, but there isn’t really much to do here besides eat).   I have already finalized the list of firms I am applying to.  Three are in Atlanta, two are in New York, one is in Chicago, one is in Nashville, one is in Orlando, one is in Bethesda, and the last one is in Chengdu, China.  I am so open to what each of these locations would offer me.  It would put me out of my shell for sure! But in a good way.  I am extremely excited to get out of Ohio, especially since my 21st birthday will be during that time.

I will be trying to update this blog more frequently now that there are more things happening in my life.  I have some really exciting stories to share with you all as well, but I have to wait until I move to share them. Until then, stay tuned!


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