Getting my Entrepreneurship On

If you have me added on facebook, you might know that I have recently picked up a minor in entrepreneurship. Honestly, I cannot be more excited about it.  I’m not going to lie, I’m starting to feel kind of stuck in interior design.  I hate when aspects of my life feel predictable and fixated (backwards, right?) and entrepreneurship is just that path in the future that I cannot define. This excites me endlessly.

While I absolutely loved my internship and time working professionally, I would often think “This is how my days will be for the next 30 years if I stay like this”. I’m such a strange risk taker. I must calculate everything to make sure that my actions and goals are feasible, safe and attainable; however, I find myself reaching a period where I have calculated too much and have become depressed about how “in order” and lackluster my life is.

I was getting my eyebrows done before the start of this summer semester. In between crying from pain, I was conversing with the girl who threads them, Ocky. I’ve been getting my eyebrows done for about five years now, so she’s somewhat seen my growth from being displaced and unsure while at Beaumont to now being a pretty decent young adult at the University of Cincinnati.  As everyone does, she asked how my co-op went and what I did while I was there.  After telling her about my day to day (documentation, renderings, working on a team) she asked, “Were you really happy doing that though? Whenever I think of you, I always thought of you doing your own thing, like you are in charge and your own boss”.

I dwelled on that statement for days, partially because I had already been considering studying something related to business and entrepreneurship and partially because an employee at Chute Gerdeman that I had grown close to over the course of my internship told me the exact same thing.

So when creating my schedule for this semester I took a risk and enrolled in Digital Entrepreneurship, a course that focuses on using technological outlets for marketing and producing products.  The class project is to create, sell, create a website for and market a product and to report on the progress throughout and at the end of the semester.

Already being overwhelmed and doubting myself, I nearly dropped the class. Then I remembered my new years resolution of having multiple streams of income; this class would hold me accountable to that goal. Also, our class number is 216 (Cleveland’s area code, I believe in signs too easily y’all) and decided to give it a chance. Needless to say its my favorite class and the highlight of my week.  I love learning about business modules, networking, entrepreneurship successes and failures, I just love it all!

I am in a three girl group and we will be creating and publishing our very own ebook! Baby Bakers: Tasty Treats for Kids will be available for your screens in the upcoming weeks! Aiming to evoke passion for kitchen time fun and family recreation, Baby Bakers offers unique summertime recipes for children. We are currently working on our beta version and I cannot wait to share some of what we have been working on!

Stay tuned xo

What are some of your favorite summertime treats?


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