Eliminating Stagnancy

Happy New Year! I hope that your activities are going well, whether they include going out with friends or being cozy in bed with Netflix, a furry friend and your favorite snack.  While considering all of the goals that I have set forth for myself in the upcoming year, I decided to set aside time to reflect on exactly what I want to accomplish in 2017.

When I originally wrote out this list, I immediately became overwhelmed. I do not want to bite off more than I can chew and indirectly make this year a disappointment opposed to a period of intrinsic growth. Therefore, I decided to set an overall goal and mini-goals. The mini goals will be a way that I can track my progress and allow room for error and moments of weakness.

First and foremost, I want to lose 30lbs. This is by far the most cliche resolution to exist, but alas it’s on my list. I am now at a whopping 192 lbs and although I may not look it, I most definitely feel it.  I want to lose a pound a week, and do so through meal preparation, eliminating soda/juice, sweets, and fast food, and taking the stairs opposed to elevators and escalators. Because I will be walking and catching the bus to work daily, I am not necessarily concerned about my amount of walking. I also want to go to the gym at least twice a week for an hour. I recently found out that my apartment complex has a gym so now I have no excuse to not go. I also have a Kroger within walking distance (and a beautiful kitchen!), so I also have no excuse to order take out every night like I did in college.

Secondly, I want to rejuvenate my spirit. I used to absolutely love drawing, reading and writing; however these hobbies became swept under the rug after I entered high school, and especially after I entered DAAP. Although I did take art-related courses, creating a mandatory painting for a grade in a course is much more stressful than simply painting whatever you want in your free time free of judgment. I started drawing a little bit more at the beginning of last semester and loved flipping through my own little visual diary, but I had to once again put it aside due to my other classes. I would love to spend hours getting sucked into a plot or drawing like I used to in middle school.

Third, I would like to have multiple streams of income. Although I am finally on co-op (yay for full time pay!) I would still like to find another way to make money so that I could have spending money on the side. I found one interesting website called fiverr that allows you to do tasks for others for a price that you set. These tasks could be designing resume’s, proofreading short stories, or writing a poem to another person’s significant other for a present. The options are endless and once I figure out just exactly what to do I am most definitely going to look into the website more!

Finally, I want to step my confidence up. This is probably my most important goal of the upcoming year. My lack of confidence has been significantly impacting my mentality and disposition throughout these last few months. Opposed to having a New Years Day celebration at my house, my stepdad decided to change things up a bit and throw a get-together at his house. I was extremely excited to go until I had to get dressed. With each outfit I put on, I felt disgusting; nothing that I picked out fit me the way that I wanted it to. I even dug out my old waist trainer from senior year just to see if that would raise my confidence a bit. I changed at least seven times before I settled on a turtleneck sweater and jeans. After taking over an hour to find an outfit, I stood in the mirror for thirty minutes detesting every way I styled my hair; I threw it in a ponytail in order to avoid further rage. This is the first time in a year and a half that I have worn my natural hair, (I have worn various styles of braids since then) and it pained me to know that I detested it. It pained me to know that I detested the way that I looked naturally. 

This goal most definitely ties into my exercise and weight loss. However, other ways that I am going to attain this goal is to keep my hair, nails, eyebrows and toes done. I do not necessarily mean professionally done, but just taking an hour each week to paint my nails my favorite color and show my natural hair a little more TLC by wearing it curly opposed to straight, or braiding it in fun styles. I am also going to expand my wardrobe. I am purely a school shopper, meaning that I buy a few new pairs of jeans and some t-shirts a few days before the new school year and that’s it. I’m still rocking shirts from my freshman year of high school, and even though this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it would make me feel better to dress like a nineteen year old opposed to a fourteen year old. Therefore, i’m going to try to buy myself a new pair of jeans, shoes, or (not and) a new purse each paycheck with a $30 limit. It’s easier to feel good when you look good! ♡

Do you have any new years resolutions? Do you believe in the “new year, new me” or do you believe that some people are not capable of change? Feel free to comment below! I hope that you enjoy your day and this new chapter in your life!


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  1. Omg losing weight sounds amazing! I gained a few (more like 10) after moving out. So I’m with you on that one! We can help motivate each other. 🙂

    It would be dope to be able to see some of your drawings!

    Thanks for introducing me to Fiverr! I’m gonna check it out. My one job isn’t doing great in terms of me being able to pay for rent and utilities.

    My new year’s resolutions are to eat healthy/not eat out as much so I don’t spend that much money. And of course to be studious. I need to work on my study habits so bad! Especially when it comes to math, that’s my weakest subject. 🙁

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